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About Gadchiroli


Gadchiroli is one of the thirty-six districts of Maharashtra state. It was created on 26th August 1982 by bifurcating Chandrapur district and it belongs to Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. The district is connected on the east by Chhattisgarh state, on the south by Telangana state, on the north by Gonidia district and on the west by Chandrapur district. The district administrative headquarters is located at Gadchiroli Town. And for administrative convenience, the district is divided in 12 tehsils i.e. Desaiganj (Wadsa), Armori, Kurkheda, Korchi, Dhanora, Gadchiroli, Chamorshi, Mulchera, Etapalli, Bhamragad, Aheri & Sironcha. Most of the people in the district are Adivasis and lead a rural life. Gond, Rajgond,Badamadia are the main Adivasi tribes in the district. The community of East Bengali origin is also living in the district. Marathi is the local language and people do speak Hindi, Gondi, Bengali and Telugu.Most of the eastern and southern part of the district is hilly having ranges like Tipagad, Chiroli, Bhamragad, Surjagad, Sirkonda and Chikiyala Hills. There are prominent lakes like Gadchiroli lake, Gogaon lake, Yechali lake, Laheri lake,Rangayyapalli lake, etc. are known by their located place in the district and people are involved in fishery activity. The climate of the district is characterized by hot summer, a well-distributed rainfall during the southwest monsoon and general dryness except in rainy season. Three main tributaries of Godavari river are flowing in the district i.e. Wainganga, Indravati and Pranhita. The main occupation of the people is farming and Paddy is the main agriculture produce harvest in the  district. The other major crops are soybeans, cotton, jawar, pulses, oilseeds etc. produce in the district. The district has been endowed with various valuable mineral resources like Limestone, quartz, granite, iron ore and sillimanite.   The forest ranges in Gadchiroli district is very rich in commercially and pharmaceutically important plant species. A forest resource contributes significantly to the economy of the district, the bamboo is available from these forest in sizeable quantity and others are Tendu leaves, Mahuva Flower, Lac and silk. The district has a thick and deep forest and animals like tigers, bears, hyenas, bison, foxes and various kind of deer reside. There are notable tourist places in Gadchiroli, of these are Binagunda, is famous for its Rajurppi Falls and cool climate, lake on the mountain at Tipagad, a wild sanctuary at Chaprala and Bhamragad, The Hemandpanti temple at Markanda in Chamorshi taluka. At sironcha there is a confluence of Godavari and Indravati rivers. Allapalli is well known for splendid forest and wildlife. There is a grand idol of Lord Maruti (Hanuman) at Khobramenda in Kurkheda taluka, Hemandpanti temple of Bhandareshwar and Gorjai, and there is an Idgah on the Namj hillock. The renowned NGO’S like Lok Biradari Prakalp (LBP) and Society for Education, Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH) are working in the district

About Institute

1 About Institute
2 Our Moto
3 Our Vision
4 Our Mission
5 Facilities Available
1 About Institute

Government Polytechnic, Gadchiroli is a state-run technical education institute with campus based in Gadchiroli town. The institute was established in 1985 by Government of Maharashtra with Civil and Mechanical Engineering diploma programs. Later, in 1995 the institute also started to offer diploma programs in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and in 2007Computer Engineering diploma programme. Spread in twenty acres land having main administrative buildings, workshop, two boys’ hostel, girls’ hostel, sport ground, gymnasium, cafeteria and staff quarters, the institute is situated in calm and pleasant environment.

At present, the institute offers following diploma courses,

  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics & Telecommunication
  • Computer Engineering Programme.

Located in Naxal affected tribal area, the
institute is committed to offer excellence technical skill education to students to face global challenges and become competent to lead quality life by sustaining environment. Alumni of the institute are either entrepreneurs or holding responsible positions in a renowned industries and institutions. Having well qualified teaching staff, modernized laboratories and infrastructure, the institute has been serving the society since its establishment. The institute expects the students to maintain discipline, a healthy and pleasant atmosphere both in and out of the campus and show their active participation not only acquiring technical knowledge but also in extracurricular activity.

2 Our Moto

To Build Strong Nation through Upgradation of Society

3 Our Vision

To promulgate technical knowledge and thereby, contribute to social,
cultural and economic development of tribal and all types of society in the

4 Our Mission

To maintain highest possible quality of fundamental technological programs for developing competent, cultural and responsible human resources.

To extend engineering facilities to stakeholders.

To develop entrepreneurship amongst the students.

5 Facilities Available


A library, The Knowledge Resource center is the backbone of academic and research of the institute. It is well stocked with a collection of books, journals and periodicals including the most recent publication in diverse
areas of diploma course.


  • Reference book : 12335                    
  • Projects : 1474
  • Book Bank : 8714
  • Social welfare books : 15599

Apart from this collection the library also provides daily newspaper and
magazines in different languages.


Residential facility to students

for all the students admitted to the various diploma Programmes. There are two hostel
buildings for boys and one separate building for girls. Hostel administration is managed by Rector and supported by administrative staff appointed by the Principal on a tenure basis. Students have representation from among them on mess body.

  • Boys Hostel 1 (Satpuda) : 180 students’ capacity.
  • Boys Hostel 2 (Wainganga) : 100 students’ capacity.
  • Girls Hostel (Sahyadri) : 180 students’ capacity.


Residential facility to staff

The institute has a separate guestroom for visiting parents and dignitaries. The residential staff quarters located within the campus with both independent houses and flats.



The workshop is one of the most important part of the institute for conducting practical sessions for students. It is also involved in different types of maintenance related works for the institute. The workshop has well equipped with all heavy-duty machines like Lathe Machines, Radial Drilling Machine And Universal Milling Machine, etc.


Material Testing and Third-Party Technical Audit

Apart from academic activities, the Applied Mechanics Department has actively involved in testing of civil and structural engineering materials like concrete, steel, bricks, aggregates, etc. The Urban development Ministry of Govt. Of Maharashtra has approved this institute to conduct third party technical audit of civil works constructed by Municipal Council and Nagarpanchayat of domestic district and others district vide Govt. Resolution No. 2016/335/UD-33/ Ministry Mumbai 400032, dated 28th March, 2018.


Student Cooperative store

Keeping in mind that students get all required stationary and learning material under one roof, at reasonable rates, the cooperative store runs within the campus. The store is registered unit with cooperative department of Government of Maharashtra. The material like stationary, journal files, calculators, drawing sheets, laboratory manuals etc. are available in the store.


Water treatment plant

There is a separate water treatment plant available exclusively for the institute. Raw water from Wainganga river pumped to purification plant and then stored to overhead water tank in campus. Then after by gravity it is distributed in campus.



Cafeteria is located in the premises of the institute. The precaution has been taken to provide healthy and fresh food during working hours.



For regular work out, the institute has gym with modern equipment to promote physical fitness among the students.

Principal Message
Vision & Mision


To Promulgate Technical Knowledge and there by, Contribute to Social, Cultural and Economic Development of Tribal and All Types of Society in the Vicinity.


To maintain highest possible quality of fundamental technological programs for developing competent, cultural and resposible human resources.

Building Works


The Chain of command and relative ranking of various positions in an organization or department and their information such as job titles,names and areas of responsibility for the employees shown using Organogram.

Admin Staff
ADMINISTRATION Administrative Department  of G.P. GADCHIROLI is mainly divided into four Sections, namely Establishment, Accounts, Students and Examination Section. The main goal of Administrative Department  is to provide satisfactory service to the stakeholder  i.e. the students  parents, alumini  and the internal customers that is the staff of  G. P. Gadchiroli.


                                                                                           I/C REGISTRAR

ADMINISTRATIVE SECTION Mr. S.D.ROKADE  In Charge Establishment Section E-mail :


Maintaining  Staff Service Records  
Maintaining Staff Leave Records  
Staff Pension Cases ,Pay Fixation  
Documents Proceedings of Meetings of Committees e.g. RTI ,Women’s Grievance  Redressal  Cell  
Inwards and Outward documents  
Sr. No Name Designation Email-ids
1 Shri. S.D.Rokde Head Clerk
2 Smt. S.P.Shende Sr.Clerk  
3 Smt.S.B.Gedam Jr.Clerk  
4 Shri  K.Y.Wasekar Shipai  
5 Shri. S.R.Jengthe Driver  


Maintenance of Accounts  
All Institutional transaction  
Statutory audit, Compliances of audit  queries, Finalization of accounts  
Preparaion of Budget,Budget allocation , and cash flow statement  
Collection of Fees(Regular students, Newly admitted   students)  
Refund of Fees  
Scholarship /Concession  
Issuing fees certificate  etc  
Preparation of pay bill every month  
Payment of TDS,PF,PT to Government Authorities  
Staff Pension Cases ,Pay Fixation  
Gratuity, claim settlement, updation of data  
Cooperative Society contribution  deduction from salary  and credit to society  
Settlement of claim and transfer claims of P.F.  
Hostel related work  
Fulfillment of statutory requirement of government authorities.  
Work related to exam MSBTE  
Payment Of exam remuneration to internal and external faculty  
Verification of bills finalization & preparation of utilization certificate  
Settlement of claim and transfer claims  
Sr. No Name Designation Email-ids
1. Shri .V.C. Wasnik Sr.Clerk  
2. Shri.P.B.Lakde Cashier  
2. Shri. S.D. Madkwade Jr.Clerk  
3. Shri. N.M. Sidam Peon  


Issuing TC, Bonafide Certificate, diploma certificate etc.  
Maintaining  Students  Record  
Student  Admissions  
Student  Concession  Schemes/Scholarship  
Sr. No Name Designation Email-ids
1 Shri. R.G. Tangle Jr.Clerk  
2 Shri. L.P. Shende Peon  


Student Admission  
Filling of Exam Forms  
Student  Admissions  
Eligibility Approvals  
Exemption Approvals  
Photocopy and Re-assessment Of Paper Form Filling  
Distribution of Marksheets  
Sr. No Name Designation Email-ids
1 Ku .P .B. Khobragade Jr .Clerk  
2 Shri. L .P. Shende Peon  


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