In Government Polytechnic Gadchiroli,the   library has a wide collection of books on Engineering/Technology and other subjects of general interest.Four types of scheme are provided for students.1)General Books 2)Book Bank 3)Social Welfare 4)World Bank.Total number of books in library are 38073. Book bank facility is also available for category student which is free of cost. Also there is a reading room for around 16 members where ,ewspapers,National/International journals as a learning aids are available. Library is a subscriber of various journals & magazines of technical field and general interest. Books transaction through computerized systemis available.In near future the proposal for library modernization and digital library is under consideration.

Library committee had been constituted for the purpose of smooth functioning of Library and coordination with all HODs,faculty members ,students.

The Library committee has below mentioned members.

Sr.No. Name Designation
1 Shri . R. N. Giradkar President
2 Shri D.B Alaspure Member Secretary
3 Shri I.S.Sangole Member
4 Smt. A.A.Bokare Member
5 Smt.S.K.Zodape Member
Sr.No. Name Designation Qualification
1 Miss. S.K Zodpe Asst. Librarian M.Lib
2 Shri K.B Akhade Library Attendant HSC
Sr.No Collection Particular Total
1 Development Books 12335
2 CDs 600
3 Technical Journal subscribed 18
4 News Papers 07
5 General Magazines 04
6 Book Bank Books 8711
7 Periodical subscribed 10
  •       Area(Library and reading room)-297.90 Sq.m
  •        No. of Library Staff-02
  •        Timings-9:30 am to 6:00 pm
  •        Reading room seating capacity available-16 students
  •        Program-3 Year Diploma
  •       No. of multimedia PCs-04
  •         Library Networking-Available
  •         Library Management-I-Lib Software
  •         Book Bank Facility-Available
  •         No. of Books-38073
  •         No. of Titles-3471
  •        No. of National Journals-16
  •         No. of International Journals-07
  •        Referance section- Issue with permission of Librarian
  •        CDs,DVDs-Available
  •        Facility provided by Library-Circulation Services:Regular issue, Re-issue,Non book material issue,Departmental Libraries,Library Clearence etc.
  •        Security-CCTV Monitoring system.
Sr.No. Branch Titles No. of Books
1 Civil Engineering 876 9326
2 Computer 280 3568
3 Mechanical Engineering 845 8307
4 Electrical Engineering 650 7851
5 Electronics& Telommunication 820 9021


The Library has a separate periodical section and subscribes to National and International Journals. The basic objective of collecting Journals, Newsletters is  to provide the staff and student’s latest information in technical education, research and developmental activities. Subscriptions to journals, both Indian and international ones are mostly in print version.

  • Civil  Engineering& Construction Review.
  • Journal of Advanced Research in Civil  & Environmental Engineering.
  • Journal of Advanced Research in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Journal of Thermal Engineering System.
  • Journal of Electrical Engineering.
  • Journal of Advanced Research in Electrical Engineering & Technology.
  • Treands in Electrical Engineering .
  • Journal of Control & Instrumentation.
  • Journal of Digital Integrated circuits in Electrical devices.
  • Journal of communication Engg& its enovations.


  • Journal of VLSI Design tools and technology.
  • Journal of Advanced Research in Image processing & applications.
  • Research and Review journals of Embedded systems & applications.
  • Journal of Advanced Research in wireless,Mobile &Telecomm.
  • Journal of Network security & Computer Networking.
  • Journal of Advanced Research in IT Systems & Management.
  • International journal of Computer science & Information Technology
  •  Journal of Data Mining & Management.
  • International journal of Applied Mathematics.
  •  International journal of Applied Chemistry.
  • Book lending facility
  • Referance asaervice and Information.
  • Book Bank for all students.
  • Inner Library Loan system.
  • Reading Room Facility.
  • News Paper clipping service.
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