Gadchiroli is one of the thirty-six districts of Maharashtra state. It was created on 26th August 1982 by bifurcating Chandrapur district and it belongs to Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. The district is connected on the east by Chhattisgarh state, on the south by Telangana state, on the north by Gonidia district and on the west by Chandrapur district. The district administrative headquarters is located at Gadchiroli Town. And for administrative convenience, the district is divided in 12 tehsils i.e. Desaiganj (Wadsa), Armori, Kurkheda, Korchi, Dhanora, Gadchiroli, Chamorshi, Mulchera, Etapalli, Bhamragad, Aheri & Sironcha.

Most of the people in the district are Adivasis and lead a rural life. Gond, Rajgond, Badamadia are the main Adivasi tribes in the district. The community of East Bengali

origin is also living in the district. Marathi is the local language and people do speak Hindi, Gondi, Bengali and Telugu.

Most of the eastern and southern part of the district is hilly having ranges like Tipagad, Chiroli, Bhamragad,

Surjagad, Sirkonda and Chikiyala Hills. There are prominent lakes like Gadchiroli lake, Gogaon lake, Yechali lake, Laheri lake, Rangayyapalli lake, etc. are known by their located place in the district and people are involved in  fishery  activity.  The  climate of the  district is characterized  by  hot summer, a

well-distributed rainfall during the southwest monsoon and general dryness except in rainy season.

Three main tributaries of Godavari river  are  flowing  in

the district i.e. Wainganga, Indravati and Pranhita.The

main occupation of the people is farming and Paddy is

the main agriculture produce harvest in the district. The other

major crops are soybeans, cotton, jawar, pulses, oilseeds

etc. produce in the district. The district has been endowed

with various valuable mineral resources like Limestone,

quartz, granite, iron ore and sillimanite.

The forest ranges in Gadchiroli district is very rich in commercially and pharmaceutically

important plant species. A forest  resource

contributes significantly to the economy of the

district, the bamboo is available from these

forest in sizeable quantity and others are Tendu

leaves, Mahuva Flower, Lac and silk. The

district has a thick and deep forest and animals

like tigers, bears, hyenas, bison, foxes and various kind of deer reside.

There are notable tourist places in Gadchiroli, of  these  are

Binagunda, is famous for its Rajurppi Falls and cool climate,

lake on the mountain at Tipagad, a wild sanctuary at

Chaprala and Bhamragad, The Hemandpanti temple at

Markanda in Chamorshi taluka. At sironcha there is a

confluence of Godavari and Indravati rivers. Allapalli is well

known for splendid forest and wildlife. There is a grand idol

of Lord Maruti (Hanuman) at Khobramenda in Kurkheda

taluka, Hemandpanti temple of Bhandareshwar and Gorjai,

and there is an Idgah on the Namj hillock.

The renowned NGO’S like Lok Biradari Prakalp (LBP) and Society for

Education, Action and Research in Community Health (SEARCH) are

working in the district

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