In oder to maintain safety and security to the girls and women,as per the act,The sexual harassment of women of workplace(Prevention,Prohibitionand Redressal)Act,2013,. a cell has been constituted for Redressal of grievances. Our women grievance cell stays alert all the time to preventsany sexual abuse towards the students and female workers.

  • If the students face any harassment from the staff or worker, then can complain to our women grievance cell. The members will look into the issues, gather the evidence, and take the necessary action against the guilty. We also focus on preventing this kind of harassment by using secret monitory services, which keep a keen eye on the entire campus.
  • In addition, there is a Complaint cum Redressal Committee , which resolves the grievances of the students on the campus. Besides, there is an exclusive mechanism to address the issues relating to women and their grievances.
  • This cell is meant for maintaining the records of grievances, action taken thereon and settlement of grievances.
  • The cell is headed by the Principal, consisting of administrative officer and six lady faculty members.
  • The Grievances box is placed near Electrical Engineering Department where student have to drop their grievances, if any .
  • The box is opened once in month and checked. Any grievance found in it is scrutinized and necessary action are immediately taken by the Cell.
  • In case of emergency, the Principal calls a meeting and addresses the problems immediately.
  • During the last two years the cell is resolving the difficulties of the girls students ‘grievance .it was settled amicably.


Sr.No.Name and DesignationcommitteeContact details
1)Ku. S. P. Maykalwar,Lect ,  Mechanical EnggPresident9657122799
2)Smt. S.B. Gedam Jr.clerkMember8554806200
3)Ku. P. B. Khobragade Jr.clerkMember8390184639
4)Smt. S. K. Zodape assit. LibrarianMember8698855019
5)Smt.S.P. Shende Jr. clerk.Member9970929832
6)Ku. Madhavi AkhadeNGO Representative
7)Shri V. A. Dahikar, Lect. CEMember9422908224
8)Shri. K. S. Peshattiwar, PeonMember9922225589


  1. Suggestion or complaint box is installed in which the students, who want to remain anonymous, put in writing their grievances and their suggestions.
  2. After knowing grievance of students, member discusses it with the chairman and then an appropriate solution is found out. If not solved at this level then grievance is taken up to the Principal and legal advisor.
  3. The complainant shall be summoned to hear complaints (if necessary).
  4. After hearing of complaints, the committee shall take appropriate decision.


  • Promote a healthy working environment for all female staff, students and faculties.
  • Informing management about broad range of issues and concern faced by women.
  • Work towards building a gender sensitized environment at institute.
  • Organize workshops and awareness programmes regularly.
  • Provide neutral,confidential and supportive environment for members of the campus.
  • Provide information regarding counseling and support service.
  • To incorporate hygiene habits and ensure a healthy atmosphere in and around the institute premises.


    • Workshop on Art of Living.

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