Dear all,
It gives me an immense pleasure to welcome youto the Govt. Polytechnic Gadchiroli. The institute wasestablished in 1985 and is the lonetechnical institute for the Naxalite affected tribal district.The population of the district represent economically impoverished and marginalised groups in India. Education is one of the primary agents of transformationtowards development. Education is an input not only for economic development of tribes but also for inner strength of the tribal communities which help them in meeting the new challenges of life.Keeping this in mind, we aim to promulgate technical knowledge and thereby, to contribute socio-economic and cultural development of society. Our institutehas framed with a view of transforming students, who could be of tremendous asset, in making meaningful contributions to industries, community and rural development.

We havegreat commitment to provide excellence in technical education without compromising students’ participation in extracurricular activities. We have been imparting skills and knowledge to our students in best possible manner to make them employable and motivating them to dream a big and guiding them to achieve the same. The institute is equipped with a team of dedicated and experienced faculty to bestow technical knowledge and preparestudents to face real-world problems. Furnished with good physical infrastructures in the form of buildings, lecture halls, laboratories, workshops, hostels etc. with skilled technicians, craftsman for adoption of appropriate technologies and team of administrators for efficient functioning.

The Alumni of the Institute have done exceedingly well in national and international levels and brought name and fame for themselves as well as to their Alma Mater. The Institute takes pride in their achievements.

Wishing you all the best for every success and bright future.

Dr Atul B.Borade


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